Join a Local Street Team

What is a “Street Team”?

  • A Street Team is an individual or group that works out in the public to help promote and spread the word of our clients.
  • The materials generally distributed consist of flyers or promotional materials provided by the client or produced by Veritas.

Why should I be a part of a Street Team?

  • Do you have integrity and self-motivation?
  • Do you have an ability to establish instant rapport?
  • Are you looking for a part-time gig possibly in promotions and/or marketing?
  • Do you enjoy meeting new people?
  • Do you frequently engage in many different areas of downtown Austin and enjoy various music scenes?

What would I do as a Street Team leader/member?

  • Training includes an introduction to the 4 Impulse Factors of marketing and 8 Steps to Success. These are key marketing tactics and conversation skills that enable a street team member to easily engage with new people.
  • Both leaders and members have flexible schedules and enjoy going out at various times of the day and evening.
  • They communicate and connect with people regarding an upcoming event or product.
  • Instead of flyering cars or streets, each piece of material is given to a potential customer that falls into the ‘interested or very interested’ category. This ensures a ‘quality vs. quantity’ factor.